IIPR and Commercialisation

ArelTTO aims to generate, protect and extend knowledge and technology based on intellectual property, to assist in the process of managing the knowledge and technology generated within Istanbul Arel University, transferring them to the third parties effectively and adding commercial value.

We offer a variety of services in terms of the protection and commercialisation of the knowledge and technologies developed as a result of projects conducted in cooperation with the industry and entrepreneurship activities and also innovations developed within Istanbul Arel University. We offer the following supports:

  • Organising trainings on the management of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights (IIPR) and licensing
  • Determining the range of the enterprises’ protection and meeting the requirements for the commercialisation activities together with ArelPlus - Incubation and Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Offering guidance, together with our legal department, on intellectual property rights and related issues (Consulting, R&D, Training, Industrial Service, Confidentiality, Cooperation and Intellectual Property Protocols etc.), organising the negotiations and monitoring the process for the agreements of the projects that are carried out in cooperation with the industry‏
  • Monitoring the IP portfolio management and commercialisation processes in Istanbul Arel University, assessing and protecting the products and managing the procedures for their commercialisation