Establishing Industrial Cooperation

The Industrial Cooperation Establishment Unit provides guidance and assistance in establishing cooperation based on research and development between Istanbul Arel University and industrial organisations to make this process run more smoothly.

R&D Cooperation Programme

With its 444 academic researchers, 37 research centres and laboratories, Istanbul Arel University shares its innovative research and development capacity with the industry. Within the scope of R&D cooperation, ArelTTO encourages new project ideas for the University and industry cooperation, offers R&D counselling, its university infrastructure and laboratory facilities for the industrial organisations.

  • R&D Project Partnership: The parties of the projects that intend to utilise national and international funding mechanisms can benefit from all the services offered by our Project and Funding Support Unit beginning from the applications of projects. To access the services of Project and Funding Support, click here.
  • R&D Counselling: ArelTTO offers services such as matching with an academician, coordination, contract negotiations and financial management of the project for contracted R&D projects directly funded by industrial organisations.

Industrial Cooperation Programme

Istanbul Arel University cooperates with the industry so that the undergraduate and graduate students can put their research and thesis projects into practice within the scope of Industrial Theses Cooperation Programme. With this programme, we aim not only to improve the interaction between the University and the industry, conduct scientific studies for the benefit of the industrial organisations but also to encourage the business world to benefit from the outputs of the scientific studies and work closely with the undergraduate and graduate students.