Arel TTO

Arel Technology Transfer Office (ArelTTO) was established with the aim of transferring the knowledge and technology within Istanbul Arel University into new applications and valuable commercial outputs.

ArelTTO officially inaugurated in January 2017 has taken its current shape thanks to the knowledge and experience accumulated at the end of meticulous researches, projects and activities conducted by different units and centres of Istanbul Arel University within the scope of experimental development since 2014.

We operate under five main titles in order to generate new knowledge and technology, to ensure the commercialization and circulation of the generated knowledge, technology and to support entrepreneurship:

  • Creating Awareness, Information and Publicity
  • Taking Advantage of Support Programmes
  • Project Development and Management Support
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing
  • Incorporation and Entrepreneurship Services

What we do

We promote the competences, resources and cooperation opportunities of Istanbul Arel University to the business world and organise various informative and educative activities aimed at university-industry cooperation.
We provide support in terms of informing, project design and management so that Istanbul Arel University and businesses can have access to various funding programmes.
In order for the University’s vast accumulation of knowledge to be used in R&D projects in the private sector, we offer services in determining the R&D projects, finding and matching the right academicians with the right projects, drawing up contracts intended for cooperation and support in project management coordination.
We determine the projects and outputs which are included within the scope of intellectual property, carry out the patenting within this context and the commercialisation of the patents.
Starting from the business model development, we offer complementary trainings and counselling services during the project management and incorporation processes to support the entrepreneurship activities pursued by academicians and students with new business ideas.